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3 Questions Every Travel Manager Should Ask a Transportation Company

travel managers

Tips for Travel Managers Looking to Make Connections

As a travel manager, it's crucial that your clients can go from Point A to Point B quickly, comfortably and safely. Without a reliable transportation company, however, travel managers and their customers will struggle to get the support they deserve.

Boston Sports Events for the Biggest Fans

Boston Sports

A Boston Sports Fan's Ideal Weekend: 3 Events to See

Boston sports fans are passionate about their hometown teams, and as a result, Beantown players typically put their heart and soul into every contest. Meanwhile, visitors can do the same by cheering on their favorite Boston teams at any time.


3 Easy Hacks to Make Business Travel Easier

Business Travel 13

Business Travel Weary? These Hacks Can Help

Business travelers are busy; therefore, any hacks they can find are valuable. Travel hacks allow executives to focus on getting work done regardless of their location, which has made them increasingly important for business professionals across the globe.

Corporate Event Planning: 4 Tips for Success

Corporate Outing 4

Meetings and Events: When to Scrimp and When to Splurge When It Comes to Planning Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are valuable networking opportunities. However, you need to allocate your corporate event resources wisely to make the most of any gathering.

3 Ways to Navigate an Airport Like You Own the Place

Airport Transportation 4

Airport Navigation Made Easy

Believe it or not, navigating Logan Airport or any other airport can be simple, even for inexperienced travelers. So what does it take to find your way around an airport at all times? Here are three ways you can navigate an airport like you own the place:

Accurate Reporting to Minimize Fraud During Business Travel

Business Travel

3 Ways Accurate Reporting Helps Eliminate Business Travel Fraud

Successful businesses trust their employees; however, these companies also are unafraid to cut bait with workers if these professionals misuse their corporate credit cards when they travel.

The Perfect Trip to Boston: 3 Spots to Visit

Boston Travel

3 Must-Dos When Planning a Trip to Boston This Summer

Traveling to Boston can be exciting, as there's plenty to do across the city. So what are some of the top things to do during a Beantown excursion this summer? Here are three must-dos when planning a summer trip to Boston:


3 Reasons to Work with ETS International as an Affiliate

ETS International

Why Should Affiliates Work With ETS?

Becoming an ETS International affiliate is quick, easy and effective. Why should you become an ETS affiliate? Here are three reasons to work with ETS:

Go From Plane to Boardroom: Business Travel Tips for Looking Great

business travel 4

How to Dress for Success on Out of Town Work Trips

Are you headed out of town for a business meeting? If you have to go straight to a meeting once your flight lands you don’t have the luxury of dressing for comfort while on your flight.

3 Expense Management Apps Every Travel Manager Needs

expense management

Expense Management Woes? Not With These Handy Apps

Looking to reduce your travel expenses? Controlling these costs can be tricky, particularly for travel managers who are constantly planning trips across the globe.

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