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5 Ways to Make Your Assistant Feel Appreciated

assistant appreciation week

Prepare for Administrative Assistant's Week 

Starting April 23, bosses everywhere will take a week to do something they probably just don’t do enough: appreciate their assistant.

8 Awesome Things to Do in Boston this Spring

boston in spring

Start Planning Now for Warmer Weather

Spring is finally here, bringing with it warmer weather, blooming flowers, and hundreds of outdoor activities. After such a gloomy, frigid winter, everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine.


Masters Tournament - Preparing for Playing Golf This Season

golf in boston

Gearing Up for Golf in Boston 

As the Masters Tournament gets underway this week in Augusta, you probably will want to find as many golf opportunities as you can to play here in Boston. Golf legends will begin their practice on the course today. If you’re jealous and want to enjoy the beautiful beginning of spring outside with a club in your hand, you can visit some of Boston’s best golf courses.

3 Perfect Outdoor Dining Spots in Boston

boston outdoor dining

Hold Your Next Business Meeting Outside 

Spring is in the air! After the long and dreary winter, it is time to leave the house behind and get outside for some fresh air and sunlight.

Eat Like a King After The Red Sox Game

red sox car service

The Best Boston Restaurants for Your Red Sox After-Party

Planning a visit to Boston is exhilarating. There’s amazing nightlife, restaurants and culture, not to mention history and sports to keep you entertained and enjoying every moment. Whether you’ve visited Boston before or not, one thing about the city is true: seeing a Red Sox game never gets old, and going out for amazing Boston food afterward never gets any less delicious.


Why You Should Never Rent a Car in Boston

boston car service

Thinking About Renting a Car in Boston?

Many visitors to Boston find themselves at a loss when it comes to procuring effective transportation. Especially for business travelers in Boston, the options for how to get around in the city don’t often produce the kind of punctuality that will be demanded by someone on a strict business schedule.

Why Managing Air Travel is Tougher Than Ever

corporate travel management

Think Air Travel Management is Tough? We Agree

No matter how long you’ve been in the business of corporate travel management, you can never prepare yourself for the changes that inevitably occur within the travel industry. From the rising costs of hotels and food to the dramatic changes that air travel has experienced over the past couple of decades, it’s all enough to make your head spin.

The Most Exciting Business Travel Destinations

worldwide travel

Business Trips: More Than Business

Finding adequate time to relax and unwind during our business lives is just as important as our productivity and management of tasks. The luxury of taking a week of vacation all to ourselves can seem like a distant dream when we’re in the midst of never-ending paperwork or negotiations with a new client. However, refusing ourselves the rest and relaxation our minds and bodies demand can have sever consequences on productivity.

The 4 Best Luxury Island Vacation Locales

luxury vacation

Your Most Luxurious Vacation Yet

In the fast-moving business world, you often take on a lot, get very little rest, and work on your days off just to stay ahead or make strides. While you’re proud to represent your company and your brand with pride, putting so much into your professional life can really begin to take a toll on your personal relationships and your health if you don’t make adequate time to get away and de-stress.

The 4 Best Tablets for Executive Travelers

executive travelers

Do You Have the Best Tablet for Your Travel Life?

Executive travel is no cakewalk; anyone who is constantly on and off planes, in and out of different hotels and meetings several deadlines in a unfamiliar city is contending with some serious challenges to his or her productivity and quality of life. There are a few ways to make executive travel easier and more comfortable, of course, not the least of which is springing for the right hotel room and booking chauffeured car service instead of opting for a rental car.

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